7 Naughty Elf Ideas and Pranks

Here are 7 silly ideas for scenes and pranks for your elf to get up to this December.

1. The MicroDisco


This hilarious idea just takes a couple of Celebrity Sequin outfits paired with a disco light or indeed any flashing light to create this amusing scene for the whole family to enjoy.

They could appear anywhere from the airing cupboard to the sock drawer - any excuse for a party!


2. The Bug in the Egg Prank


This cheeky gag is bound to cause mayhem and could end up in all sorts of silly places.

Hours of fun can be had with the Deluxe Jokes Box which includes 10 assorted jokes.

3. Pooing Elf

This wickedly funny idea is bound to cause some hysterics. It's quick and easy to make with the Elf Poo & Kiss Making Kit and is made out of the included non-toxic dough.

Simply make your impressions, lay them out and wait for the hilarity to ensue!

The set comes with poo and kiss moulds so there's something for everyone here.

4. The Naughty and Nice List

Make sure your elf is doing their job and keeping an eye out for mischief. Your elf is here to cause havoc but that doesn't mean they're not still reporting back to Santa!

These daily report cards are a must for ending up on the Nice List this Christmas. The fine tip pen completes the set in one of four cute characters.

5. Freezing in the Fridge

Putting your elf in the fridge or freezer will get an immediate reaction but that doesn't mean they need to freeze! Place them in an ice palace in the freezer drawer or chugging a milk bottle.

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6. Elf Camping

A cosy elf in their pyjamas, dressing gown and sleeping bag settles in for a night under the stars. Or under your bedroom ceiling. You pick!

7. Santa & Reindeer Take a Break

Santa and his Reindeer are taking a break in the sleigh. Perhaps they could climb the Christmas tree or dangle from the banister in their attempt to deliver presents for Christmas.

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